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Carretera Nacional Campus (81) 8266 2050

Welcome to
Carretera Nacional Campus (Misiones)


Our main objective is to educate students who acquire knowledge, skills, and values to develop their intelligence and personality. We guarantee that our students will enjoy learning and will succeed in school, resulting in happy students.

We offer a complete stimulation of their skills through classes and workshops such as art, dance, music, computer, sports, and values. The students’ reading skills are developed through “Progrentis”, a reading program that guarantees an increase in students’ abilities within the first two months.

Carretera Nacional
Campus (Misiones)

Camino a los Querubines 105
Km. 258, Carretera Nacional entre
el Faisán y el Yerbaniz,
Santiago, N.L C.P. 67300
8266 2050 57 y 58